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  • How to choose home and commercial projectors? 2021/4/7 Clik:822 【BACK】

    As a common equipment for daily viewing and office, projector has become the choice of more and more people. Due to the difference between home viewing and daily office environment, we pay attention to different emphases when choosing, especially in terms of parameters. Today we are going to talk about the most important parameters of home projector and commercial projector.

    Home projector is mainly used for viewing and entertainment, so focus on the resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the effect of detail presentation. Therefore, when we buy home projector, we must see the definition and DMD chip value. If these two data are not right, we must not start.

    In the purchase of home projector, noise is also more important. At present, many manufacturers have launched low-noise projectors, the price is not expensive. Generally speaking, products with noise below 40dB are acceptable, but you should listen and compare in a quiet environment to see if it will disturb you.

    In addition, the home projector also depends on the degree of color restoration, the higher the degree of restoration, the picture color is closer to the primary color.

    Commercial projector

    The commercial projector is mainly used in daytime or bright indoor. The projection content is mainly icon or text. It mainly depends on brightness, that is, the size of lumen. The higher the lumen, the less the influence of external light will be on the projection effect.

    Secondly, commercial projectors are usually connected with computers, tablets and other devices. So VGA interface, HDMI interface and USB interface are naturally indispensable. Sometimes WLAN interface is needed in the process of business use. The design of the projector tends to be multi device connection design.

    Thirdly, the function aspect is that because commercial projector is mainly used for demonstration, the operation needs to be convenient, such as wireless screen casting, USB disk direct reading and other functions. These can let us avoid the trouble of connecting and quickly display the picture of laptop on the large screen.

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