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  • "Ultra short focus" leads the industry 2021/4/7 Clik:843 【BACK】

    Everyone has their own ideas on the choice of large screen smart TV and projector. Among them, for young people who pursue new things and new experiences, they are more likely to buy a projector for their home. After all, the visual experience brought by giant screen is very shocking and immersive.

    At present, there are many kinds of projectors in the market, and many people often lose their way when they choose them. After understanding some strategies for buying projectors on the Internet, we can conclude that they are just clearer, better sound quality, smaller size and so on.

    Is there anything else you need to pay attention to? Of course, there are some, such as the projection distance. In the actual use of the projector, if the projection distance of the projector is long, once someone walks in front of the lens, it will block the playing picture, thus affecting the viewing experience. If the projector supports ultra short focus projection, the problem will not exist.

    The best distance between the projector and the screen depends on the parameters of the projector and the size of the screen. Here we will learn a professional term "projection ratio", which refers to the ratio of projection distance to the width of the picture. The projection ratio of ordinary telephoto projectors on the market is usually between 1.5 and 1.9. The telephoto projector of mainstream brands can achieve a projection ratio of 1.2:1, and the machine needs to be more than 2.6 meters away from the wall to cast a large screen. When the projection ratio of the projector is less than 1, it is usually called short focus lens. When the projection ratio is less than 0.6, it is usually called ultra short focus lens. To put it simply: ultra short focus = short distance + big picture. From the earliest long focus projector to today's ultra short focus projector, the projection ratio is getting smaller and smaller, which also makes the application of the projector more and more widely.

    With the continuous improvement of user demand and the rapid development of science and technology, the projector is gradually moving towards a smaller projection ratio. If you have a smaller projection ratio, then the projected light will not shine on the people walking in front of the curtain. At the same time, you can completely eliminate the concern that you want a projector but the indoor space is narrow.

    Because of this, the ultra short focus projector which can project large picture in short distance will be the inevitable development trend. It is also with the advantages that the application of ultra short focus projector will no longer be limited to the field of home, education and conference are also very suitable.

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