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  • 5g is coming, what impact will it have on the selection of projectors 2021/4/7 Clik:900 【BACK】

    With the advent of 5g era, our life will change dramatically. Today, I'd like to talk to you about what changes 5g will make to the projector industry? What is the impact on our selection of projectors?

    In the past, the router only supported 2.4G one band of WiFi signal, most WiFi devices gathered in the 2.4G band, the interference between the signals is very large, which is easy to cause network congestion and affect the network speed. The 5g signal has a wide bandwidth, the transmission speed is much faster than 2.4G, the transmission efficiency is more stable, and the channel interference is also well optimized.

    At present, there are projectors that support both 2.4G and 5g WiFi in the market. With the full popularity of 5g, this kind of dual band WiFi projector will become the mainstream. Under such conditions, it only takes one second to download 2G high-definition movies; watch Super high-definition videos online without getting stuck, so you can see what you want; play large-scale real-time war games such as king's glory, and you don't have to worry about network response delay The network requirements under various application scenarios can be met, so as to truly "enjoy the ultimate experience".

    2、 More storage

    5g has faster transmission rate and lower delay, which brings a pleasant experience, accompanied by greater data throughput and more diversified media forms. Behind this, there is a problem that can not be ignored in front of us - whether it is visual or auditory, machines need more storage capacity to carry these contents. In addition, we must also consider the machine system itself, the storage required for its upgrade and pre download, and the space reserved for smart home devices after everything is interconnected.

    3、 Big screen will usher in explosion

    The network speed has reached a new height, which will bring great changes to the audio-visual ecology. The ordinary HD format will not be able to meet our viewing needs. According to relevant data, in 2020, the proportion of 1080p and 4K level projectors has reached a record high, and 8K with higher definition is on its way.

    4、 Family life is more intelligent

    The development of 5g is not only about movies per second, but also means more automatic machines. Projector is no longer a single display role, it will make home Internet of things possible. When we turn on the projector at home, we can also turn on many home devices automatically. For example, in the high brightness environment in the daytime, in order to adjust the viewing environment to the appropriate atmosphere, the lights and curtains may switch to the accurate mode; "home state", and various electronic devices will automatically turn off, so there is no need to worry about their long-time standby or security failure.

    Of course, the implementation of these scenarios may take time. On the one hand, we need to wait for the further popularization of 5g hardware. On the other hand, not all the well decorated homes are suitable for the 5g era. More families need to upgrade their plug-ins on the original home decoration conditions, so as to transform them into "smart families".

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